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When too much breakfast is barely enough

A quick one this time.

Last time around I thought that problematic levels of food photography were still far in our future, but it turns out that the future arrives sooner than you think. With the cafe being open on Sundays now, we thought we should take a few more shots of our breakfast offerings. Mostly so we could include them on the cover of the menu or in printed flyers or something like that. So please enjoy the selection. And if any of the photos succeed in making you hungry, we are most certainly sorry-not-sorry.

Breakfast I.

Breakfast II.

Breakfast: overhead view.


Breakfast in the shade, morning sun warming the landscape.

What can I say about the dogs that has not been said already? They continue to be loyal, selfless, deeply lazy animals. The most recent arrival is still looking for a definite name, by the way. Suggestions welcome.

Fluffy (AKA Fluffer, AKA Honey, AKA Honeybunny, AKA Lucky, AKA Lion) in  the garden. Note the  look that says “Am I allowed to be lying here? Is he going to yell at me?”

Zeliş being beautiful. “This is my pile of sand, how dare you make plaster out of it?”

In between breakfast photos we have actually done some work. Plaster is going onto the walls of rooms three and four, inside and out. Most importantly, the west wall of room three, the one facing the pool, has had its final coat of plaster so the pool area is looking much less like a construction site.

Plaster progress.

Pool pavilion tiled.

Pool area progress.

The gardens are looking great, and as usual there’s almost nothing to do except to add water sometimes.


Garden gone wilder.

And we’ve had a few more guests. Thanks, people — you know who you are. Guests are doubly welcome as they provide an excuse for us to do something other than the usual construction work. So here’s one photo of further explorations at Magnesia (not sure what this building is, possibly warehouses down by the ancient harbour). Plus a gratuitous kitchen photo showing that sometimes we branch out beyond Turkish food.

Cloudy Magnesia afternoon.

Making pasta.



  1. Cees Van de bovenkamp

    1 June, 2018 at 1:10 am

    Amazing progress, we will be back soon Cees and Anne.

  2. Just woke up to your blog in my inbox… thoughts on the breakfast was “beam me up Scotty, lets go”. It is a crisp and clear winters morning here in Australia.
    Great to read your news! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jason

      1 June, 2018 at 8:29 am

      Thank you. If we could reliably post you a breakfast we would. :)
      Going to be another hot one here.

  3. That breakfast does look absolutely delicious! Hoping you have a wonderful summer of visitors to come!

    • Jason

      1 June, 2018 at 8:26 am

      Cheers, they are pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves. Agreed on the visitor front; time will tell. :)

  4. Wow, Turkish breakfasts are certainly more photogenic than our usual weetabix and toast. I dunno how many guests you would attract with photos of that.

    What is with dogs and sand, eh? Indy also laid claim to a sand pile we had going for a while.

    Technical question: in the photo ‘Garden gone wilder’ the open drain has three little paved bridges across it. The 1st and 3rd have pipes through them for the water to flow, but the middle one does not. Won’t the water get trapped there and overflow the drain?

    • Jason

      1 June, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      Even weetabix can look good with the right lighting, I’m sure.

      Yes, not sure about the sand obsession. I think they like how cool the damp sand can be in summer? But maybe that wouldn’t explain Indy’s behaviour.

      Technical question very much on-point. Yes, it would definitely block the drain if it was as it appears to be, but the photo is misleading. The middle bridge also has pipes underneath it, it’s just that you can’t see them because there’s a dip in the level of the drain just beforehand. A little waterfall, if you like.

  5. I vote for the name Lucky because he is lucky to have ended up with you!
    I think I could live on your breakfast – No other food required.
    On my last day in Ljubljana with the students – the hostel breakfast definitely can’t compete with yours.

    • Jason

      1 June, 2018 at 11:42 pm

      Diane is also calling him Lucky for the same reason. :)

      Cheers for the nice thoughts on the breakfast. Yes, I think you could definitely live on it, it’s pretty balanced!

  6. The pictures look better and better every time, well done J&S, you’ve made a little paradise out there

  7. Jo, Debbie and Flossie X

    1 June, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Great blog, always look forward to these (although they are not frequent enough for me!!!!) Love the new arrival, how about Feride or Sevgi for a girl, and Alparslan or Umut for a boy (not sure whether boy or girl?)

    • Jason

      1 June, 2018 at 11:44 pm

      He’s a boy, I should have said, sorry. Some very solid Turkish names there — will run them past Sirem for approval. :) I know we don’t post as often as we possibly should, but I’m trying, honest!

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