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Booking dot com, cafe, cupboard, and cats

We’ve known for a long time that only being listed on Airbnb was probably foolish on our part and meant we were not reaching some potential customers. So we have finally gotten our act together and listed our place on  Let’s see whether or not they send us a flood of new guests: time will tell.

One side effect of putting up a listing on a second booking site was that we needed to take some fresh photos to make sure we’re showing the place at its best. Here’s a shot of the main building from the driveway: leaves are falling from the fig trees but at least it’s still sunny.

Main entrance.

And another photo we really liked, that shows the connection between the rooms and the garden.

View from room two looking out at the olive grove.

For the same reason, we have at last set the cafe area up to properly look like a cafe. It’s crying out for a few more decorations to brighten up the place (posters on the walls, that sort of thing) but in general we’re pleased with how it’s coming together. Turns out we can seat about 20 people quite comfortably.


Looking back at the bar and reception area.

Spot the Christmas lights!

The cafe kitchen is done; I think the only thing left to do is to bring up the fridge from the old farmhouse so we can maximize our fridge space up here. The skeletal food cupboard you saw last time now has walls and doors and shelves and holds a ridiculous amount of food. And the loft has a real staircase so we can take the aluminium ladder outside and use it for more appropriate things.

Loft stairs and new pantry cupboard.

Every home needs one of these.

Some of the usual suspects have asked for more photos of our menagerie of animals. I do try to take these shots, I really do, but my camera is slow at auto-focusing, so with our high-energy demonic cats you should know that most of the photos come out like this…

Picasso cat! (Can you guess which one it is?)

Still, occasionally you will get a more narcissistic cat that behaves him or her-self and sits still long enough for a good photo.

Panini. With bonus purple disinfectant from a small operation after a fight went badly for him.

On the outdoor work front, the bricklaying is progressing well and you can now see where the fireplace, chimney, stairs, etc., will be in our new house.

Complicated pile of bricks that will one day be fireplace, thermal mass blob, and stairs.

And in fact the timber framing on building two has started as well, but no photos yet unfortunately. The goal is to get rooms three and four online as soon as we possibly can.


  1. Kittens! Thank you!

  2. Wow looking brilliant, love all the woodwork . X

  3. Impressive as usual!
    Hope you overflow with bookings.
    Have a Happy Christmas and a successful and Happy New Year.
    C & D x

  4. Your haven looks so gorgeous and relaxing, you are both so clever at all you do.

    My guess is Sookie??

    Lots of love Jo, Debbie and Flossie X

    • Jason

      15 December, 2017 at 12:40 am

      Thanks, Jo. But we’re not that clever, we just don’t have proper jobs any more. That’s all it takes, honest.

      Not a bad guess on the cat — she is probably Sookie’s cousin or something. Lots of the local cats look like they’re related. But that’s Lucy, one of the new kittens, almost grown up now. Slightly nicer photo here:

      She has wonderful colouring, like a ginger cat and a black cat trapped in the same body.

  5. Noreen Hegarty Artist

    1 April, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    I have’nt forgot your painting! It’s complete and I just need to get it to you. I’m getting a lift from friends to Cesme on Friday to the Alacati herb festival. We will be staying overnight. Are you possibly going to the festival or is there anyone you know going ? I could meet up and give the painting maybe sometime on the Saturday? Please email me if you think we can work something out. Best regards, Noreen

    • Jason

      2 April, 2018 at 12:42 pm

      Hi, Noreen.

      Thanks very much for that; it’s extremely kind of you. The Alacati herb festival sounds like a lot of fun but unfortunately we’re not really able to get away at the moment. Too much to do on the build plus some guests are staying. I’ll send you an email so we can talk about other ways to meet up.

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