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Luxury accommodation in the Aegean countryside

First shots of the farmhouse

Grape vines growing over the courtyard

Under the vines

Back in March we bought the orchard and the farmhouse. The previous owners moved out in April, and so the house has been empty for a while. We can’t wait to get out there ourselves, but in the meantime my mum and dad have very kindly travelled down from Istanbul to check things out for us. The garden has grown like crazy and there were a lot of leaves to sweep up, plus a bird seems to have made a nest in the kitchen, but apart from that no problems! There’s fruit growing all over the place: limes, pomegranates, pears, plums, and of course figs.


Dad hosing down the driveway

Here are a couple of photos my parents sent us. We love the way the grape vines have grown to shade the courtyard: they were just bare vines when we saw them in March.


  1. You must be dying to get out there x

  2. Fantastic!! You know, it’ll be easier and cheaper for us to visit you in Turkey than Southampton ;-)

  3. Canim, Ne güzel ;) Haydi az kaldi.. Pek yakinda ordasiniz.

  4. I’m so pleased for you. Hurry up and get my room ready cant wait to come and visit xx

  5. I’m enjoying looking at the lovely photos, and isn’t it lovely having parents to help? I bet they’re pleased you’re moving there.
    I can totally imagine your wanting to move to a place with blue skies and sunshine.
    Not much of either in UK.
    Go for it

    • Thanks very much, Kaye. We’re really grateful to Sirem’s mum and dad for getting there ahead of us. They were a bit surprised when we said we wanted to move to rural Turkey, but they have come around to the idea!

      Certainly we’re looking forward to more blue skies and sunshine. We’ve had enough UK winters, for sure.

      Also, thanks very much to you and Gerald for the construction books. They’re going to be a huge help.

      • Excellent Jason and Sirem. I have just subscribed and look forward to following your progress. One day I might get to visit.

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